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Cross Platform Mobile development using Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms, I should or shouldn’t ?

As we started getting more mature on the Xamarin platform, prospect clients have started asking us questions related to the viability of using Xamarin.Forms. However, since the time Xamarin came under the fold of Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE, we have started noticing the change in questions. These are more towards internal of Xamarin and when to use.

One of the major questions is when one should consider Xamarin.Forms? In short, when will we recommend to use Xamarin.Forms?

After developing and releasing a couple of apps, based on our experience we started advising the prospect’s product architect/engineer to consider Xamarin.Forms when the code sharing and maintenance factors are amongst the top 5 criteria in their mind while architecting the product. The facts we shared are as follows:

  1. Cross Platform Development: Use the Xamarin.Forms API to quickly build native apps for iOS, Android and Windows completely in C#.
  2. Code sharing: with Xamarin.Forms, one can achieve over 70% code sharing across platforms. The percentage of code sharing can increase as your teams get mature on the Xamarin platform. We have seen that some of the teams have achieved over 96% code sharing.

Feel free to contact us, when you want to know more on Xamarin or got stuck while developing Xamarin app. We will love to share our knowledge with you.