Build prototype applications on any cloud platform to prove a concept that can provide immediate validation of a business idea or innovation


Proven tools and technologies can help you design and develop your application for the get go, from the inception to adoption it can evolve by design.


We use the right toolset, platforms and frameworks to build a well designed application that can be tested for functionality, reliability, security and performance.


Automated integration and unit testing ensures code coverage and quality consistently. This helps our client with the confidence on every release


Continuous integration and delivery enables us to rapidly and frequently deploy services or components of the application with peace of mind.


Monitoring all the aspect of the application by leveraging open source tools to manage gives our clients the ability to be proactively identify and fix issues.

Technology Stack and Tools


Last mile delivery and logistics solutions_1

Stealth Startup - Last Mile Delivery

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  • Automated delivery and route optimization
  • Automated real-time resource allocation
  • Manage orders
  • Clubbing multiple orders
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Driver marketplace recruiting
  • Many more

Decode - Ecosystems for investors and startups

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  • An ecosystem, which provides a platform for investors and fund seeking companies. 
  • VC as a service
  • Intelligent search facility to locate companies
  • Fund application processing 
  • Deal Flow management for the investors

MELP - Open Government

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  • MELP is a part of the Local Governance Initiative and Network (LOGIN), which is a multi-stakeholder network.
  • A collaborative tool that allows members to share knowledge and to learn for each other’s field-and-on-hand experience.
  • Work-flow based onboarding
  • Bulletin Board
  • Group forum
  • Key areas and the topic of interest to tag documents, images, etc.
  • Tag-based search
  • Surveys, polls, events, photo gallery, twitter feed and many more

Energy Logic – Game of Homes – Future of home energy audit training

  • Engaging solution that is easy to use
  • Record and analyze learner’s activities
  • Improve learner’s experience
  • Facilitate user interaction with likes and comments on the course content
  • Leader-boards to promote healthy competition
  • Use Adobe Captivate or Articulate Story-line to author content
  • TinCan/xAPI integration

Learning and development platform

Compliance training and reporting for CAD Training Academy.

  • Educational content creation
  • Assessment, quiz and its hooks to Course
  • Manage centers, events, news, users, students
  • Grades
  • Gamification in learning
  • Capture user experience
  • xAPI Support & Analytics

Financial Services LMS:

Compliance training and reporting for Financial Institutions.

  • Course content creation
  • Embed existing content
  • Assessment, quiz and its hooks to Course
  • Leaderboard
  • Badges
  • Interface with social media
  • Capture user experience
  • xAPI Support & Analytics

LRS for the third party LMS

Compliance training and reporting for Financial Institutions

  • Capture user experience while going through the course content
  • Certified Tin Can API LMS
  • Tested API
  • Allows companies to execute their “go to market” strategy for Tin Can API fast

VitaLife - Teleconsultation

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  • Teleconsultation allows doctors to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at distance
  • Provide clinical consulting services to patients without an in-person visit
  • Facility to book an appointment over a call or schedule online with OTP verification
  • Facility to made payment online using a credit or debit card, net banking, UPI, and Wallet etc.