Derisk your business by using RegTech solution and Blockchain

(Article published at Insights Success on July 19, 2018)
Why RegTech?
Before the financial crises, the bank grew careless about dirty money. Some banks helped sanction busters, some channeled illegal money, and some moved cash for other country’s launderers.  The regulators begin to take oversight seriously. They asked defaulted banks to pay stiff penalties.

Delivering Innovative Blockchain Solutions

(Article published at Insights Success on July 3, 2018)
The advent of a blockchain started a movement. In our country currently it is getting discussed in the context of crypto-currency, it’s usage in government to bring in more transparency in operations. Transition to anti-corruptible and anti-censorship is going to bring.

The Lingua Franca of the IoT

(Article published at Insights Success on June 27, 2018))

A few years back, not long ago, I used to access internet only through my computer. But now, I can access it using my phones, tablets, game consoles. More and more everyday use devices like watches, cars, etc. are getting linked to the internet. I am interacting with these devices,…


The Art of Bug Hunting

(Article published at Insights Success on February 14, 2018)

I was reading an article in The Economists. It goes on the following note:

ON SEPTEMBER 14th 2004, the radios in an air-traffic control center in Palmdale, California shut down, grounding hundreds of flights…

Top Valuable Brands in the Data Economy

(Article published at Insights Success on January 30, 2018))

These titans- Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft looks unstoppable. These are five most valuable firms which are listed on stock exchange. According to the Economist, they collectively earned $25 bn in net profit…


Enterprise Mobility Challenges

(Article published at Insights Success on August 6, 2016)

How IWORKTECH has contributed for innovative technology in a current IT space? The fast pace of today’s world brings with it many distractions and less time to relax. It’s easy to forget what your body needs. Luckily, the very mobile..