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MELP Network (Member Engagement and Learning Platform)

Currently, it is spanned across  12 countries in South East Asia. These LOGIN’s members include elected representatives, training institutions, think tanks, government departments, non-governmental organizations, and inter-governmental organizations, among others. The platform allows them to collaborate and share knowledge and experience.

Facility to apply for a membership

Institute applies for membership. While applying, the institutes’ demographics information, and some selective financial information is shared. The application is then routed to the MELP administrator for the Board’s approval.  On the approval of the application, the member institutes and it’s selected members can use MELP.

Bulletin Board to collate and to share knowledge.

Once the account for any institution is created, the admin can add users for that institution, and then those users can access the Bulletin Board.
The bulletin board is the platform on which users interact. The bulletin board is populated with Network News, Eye on Asia, Event, Co-create, Poll, Surveys, Courses, and Webinars.
A user can post his or her update with an attachments, images, and links. He or she can tag keywords to them. The other member then can view the post on their bulletin board. A keyword helps to categorize updates. The member can quickly search for updates using keywords.
Similar to update, the user can co-create a discussion which can be public or private. Making a co-create public makes it accessible to all members. While making it private keeps it accessible to those members to whom the user wants to share.
A poll is a great way to get to know more about member’s opinions. A member can create a poll, mark it public or private, similar to a co-create, and then get various votes for it. The member can also give answers to polls created by other members. Admin can also create a poll and make it public or private.

The surveys in MELP are of 5 types, based on the time when it should be taken. The types are –

  • General
  • Pre-event registration
  • Post-event feedback
  • Pre E-course registration
  • Post E-course feedback

Events and courses can help MELP members to share their knowledge and learn for each other.

More MELP features: 

  • Network News
  • Twitter feeds
  • Eye on Asia (created by RSS Process)
  • E-courses
  • Webinars
  • Event updates
  • Knowledge stores, Datasets, Announcements
  • Member institutions
  • Photo gallery