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What is Learning Analytics?

In a series of blogs on the topic of “Learning Analytics”, I am trying to share my understanding of the subject and what is really means for stakeholders in any organization. For me, the following is the most apt definition of the “learning analytics”

Learning Analytics is the science and art of gathering, processing, interpreting and reporting data related to the efficiency, effectiveness and business impact of development programs designed to improve individual and organizational performance and inform stakeholders. By- John R Mattox, II

If you notice, the definition emphasizes the data gathering process. From a stakeholder’s perspective, the data captured should show the outcome and impact of the training, while from the learner perspective it should show the gaps and help create a clear path toward their goal. Each interaction with LMS or learning content could capture the different types of data. An analysis of this heterogeneous data can be challenging, but if done correctly it can help in deriving efficiency, effectiveness, and outcome of the training program.

The talent development or human capital management in the organization needs a standardized process to measure, monitor, and manage their training program’s effectiveness. If a trainer can get real-time feedback while they are delivering the learning content, the effectiveness and user engagement can be increased multifold.

The real-time analytics can help learning & development team to get feedback instantaneously, and if required then take measures immediately. It helps the team keep the focus on “efficiency” which is a primary focus on the analysis.

In the analysis, we take the model can be

  • Capturing
  • Measuring
  • Real-time analysis