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Adopt the 70-20-10 model to build a learning organization

Organizations need to have an effective platform and strategy to enable distributed learning. It helps to provide an environment that fosters knowledge sharing and growth of their human capital, It’s an investment which will help grow your top line and make your employees more productive.

70:20:10 model helps learners to focus on informal and social learning activities and organization to execute simple but effective learning and development strategy.

Let’s introspect and ask yourself, “How did you learn something that you used to perform the latest work-related task?. Invariably answer to this question, you probably learned it from your peer or coworker, who worked on a similar task earlier or you googled it and learned it, referring to some resource on the internet like YouTube. Someone somewhere shared their experience and learning while performing the task; then shared it because they thought it will be useful for someone else. There is less chance of learning something new or a new concept formally. This is the 70:20:10 model.

To make it simple to understand, we get knowledge through

  • 70% knowledge we gain while executing our work-related tasks.
  • 20% knowledge we gather through networking or by a face-to-face meeting.
  • 10% knowledge we get from the formal training and the structured content. 

You might not agree with these statistics, but you will agree with me, that we learn more while doing our job informally then our formally acquired knowledge from social interaction or structured training. It’s just how learning is evolving. 

In fact, one can look towards the 70 and the 20 as Pulling. i.e.

  • Pulling information for the work
  • Pulling insights out of one’s work
  • Pulling ideas from the internet
  • Pulling on other’s knowledge

To influence one’s thinking in executing one’s work.

At core, 70:20:10 emphasizes autonomy and interdependence over control and dependence.  It does transform the way of learning and enriching one’s experience while learning. It inspires people to unshackle from the traditional channels of getting information. This opening goes beyond merely learning. It allows you to do more and to do more faster. It can change one’s perspective on how one can view authority, knowledge, and leadership, and the power in an organisation.

Impact of model

In summary, the contemporary educational conferences, products, and their implementation are based around 70:20:10 model. It is one of the important attributes of Distributed Learning.