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Internet and 70-20-10 Learning model

In continuation of our discussion on the Distributed Learning, in the 70-20-10 learning model, one needs to understand the internet’s influence on the learning of your team members or employees. 

How do people in the organization learn?

Most of us learn while performing our tasks. To complete the tasks we often need information, which we can gather from:

  • By reference, i.e. to refer to the documents of the similar tasks perform earlier
  • To have a meeting with the stakeholders of the job and collect the required information
  • To gather information from the internet

The last “internet” point prompts us to use the internet as a tool to gather information. Most of us use a search engine, other referral websites like popular blog sites. Most of our job roles demand the usage of these helper tools to seek needed information.

The 70-20-10 model emphasizes learning on your own. It asks one to become self-directed. The internet can act as a resource where topic-specific information is sought, and by reading-and-interpreting the information, knowledge can be gained. Thus web-based learning can impact your employee’s learning.

Avoid pitfalls

The 70-20-10 model tells you that social and in workplace learning is happening. Sometime it might result in performing task incorrectly or inefficiently. It might result in taking shortcuts and arrive at a substandard solution. In this case, we have to keep in mind that all learning will not lead in solving the problem optimally.

However, it makes sense to keep track of such instances and share them within the organization so that repeat instances can be reduced.

You can experience that such informal learning can help you to arrive at topics which can be further taken as the topic for the “formal” learning.


It is important that the 70-20-10 model should aim to support and direct employees to bridge knowledge gaps and perform effectively.