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Increase employee engagement and performance through gamification

Gamification is a valuable tool. It intensifies engagement, performance, competitiveness, and involvement of the participants. Using it for training can elevate the understanding of the content and impact outcomes that educators have come to expect.

In today enterprise, it’s common and in some case mandatory, for employees to go through training on a regular basis to enhance their skills, to retool or to acquaint themselves with new technologies or to comply with regulations or to adhere to new processes. Whatever the purpose, the mechanism via which the training content is delivered is mostly universal, it is always a “course”. A presentation authored as interactive sides, with a quiz, likely at the end of it. Well, let’s be honest, the content in most cases is simply ignored or clicked through and fails to get the desired impact and learning.

After working with several of our clients and partners we discovered the following:

  • 70% of the employees did not engage in the training that was offered
  • Only 30% of the employees truly understood the training content
  • Highly engaged employees were more involved and had the desired impact at work
  • Highly engaged employees were approximately 2.5 times more productive than less engaged employees
  • The traditional approach to training was disliked by over 95% of the participants and they categorized it as “boring”

The above observation unearthed the fact that the training content wasn’t bad, just the way it was presented was. This is when, we introduced learning gamification, where employees could learn about topics or concepts in smaller chunks, at their own pace and yes, by playing games.

We knew that a more playful, immersive, less stressful approach would work and without an iota of doubt that it would be more efficient than training in a structured course format. Making training content more engaging is a challenge and it can’t be fixed overnight. To learn how we did, click below.

In the future, over 70% of global companies will use gamification to boost engagement, retention, and achieve the desired impact with their learning content.