You are currently viewing Enterprise Mobility Challenges — the Mobile platform for lifestyle management

Enterprise Mobility Challenges — the Mobile platform for lifestyle management

Managing a healthy lifestyle boils down to habits. Choices and habits can be changed when we know or learn more about their impact on us. 

The fast pace of today’s world brings with it many distractions and less time to relax. It’s easy to forget what your body needs. Luckily, the very mobile device that sometimes acts as distractions can also be used to promote healthy living.

There are several mobile apps can help you track and improve your personal health but a few that can help you make smart choices and eventually change your habits. Recently using this platform IWORKTECH has released an application for a lifestyle company based out of S. E. Asia that helps you do exactly that. The best part is that most of these can be used on the go — even when you are sleeping. This blog does not talk about this app, but the tools we used to build this platform.

What were the main considerations to use Xamarin as our framework of choice for cross-platform mobile development?

While developing the platform IWORKTECH the major considerations were Enterprise Mobile Application, Mobile Software Development Life Cycle, Mobile testing.

After a lot of research on various tools, platforms, and environments available in the market, Xamarin was selected. Developing a common platform, and also releasing apps in the different domains, has helped IWORKTECH to build a mature Xamarin development unit.

What are the challenges of Enterprise Mobile Application development?

Since the last decade enterprise, the mobile app has become mainstream; the app platforms are matured to address challenges like security, development and testing complexity, scalability, support various types of devices, release, and maintenance, support for the new release and improved response time.

Mobile Enterprise Application — Requirements

Mobile Software Development Life Cycle

A lot comes into play, even when you develop a small single app. In this, you need to develop the application, release it in the market place, and gather users experience and response. Additionally, you need to keep on adding new features, new capabilities so that the user’s interest is maintained and you can continue to have market leadership and remain ahead of your competitors. Also, there is a challenge of supporting various devices that keep on coming in the market.

This life cycle needs to be supported in the mobile application. We found that Xamarin provides us an environment which is secured and can integrate with the backend system easily.

Xamarin’s cross-platform development environment allows us to create rich native applications by keeping a large percentage of code common. It allows us to achieve the following:

What challenges you faced in Mobile Testing and how do you address those?

With mobile quality challenges such as device fragmentation, app complexity, fast release cycles, and high mobile user expectations, it becomes very difficult to monitor the user experience and quality of a mobile app.

Embracing new innovations in apps and quickly evaluating compatibility and quality requires adopting a mobile testing solution with access to the latest hardware and software from a variety of vendors. With the help of Xamarin Test Cloud, we are able to address these challenges.